SERVICES offered by Playamar Rentals, S.L.


Playamar Rentals manages  your property taking care of payments, arrangements with the Community office for Owners, Insurance Company, Repairs, Control of your property etc.


Among the services we offer, some of them are:


  • Home Insurance.-  We study the best proposal to insure your property.  Proceedings of claims to the Company and mediation between you, the Company and the other side and we also get in touch  with the professionals you may need in each case.

  • After sale service.-  Our relationship with the client does not finish once he has signed his Title Deed. We are at your disposal for any service, question, technical information or procedures you may have to do. We are ready to advise you regarding the renovations you may do.

  • Renovations’s advice: We have a large experience and knowledge of the apartments to coordinate and advising clients of the posible renovations. We know proffesionals from the diferent working areas to make your renovation reliable to end  it satisfactory.

  • Personal Attention.
  • Cleaning of appartments.-  We can help you finding the person you may need for your appartment.
  • Legal and fiscal advise for non-residents.


If you are interested in any of the services we deal with, please get in touch with us filling the form in the contact section on the menu of this web site.


Inside apartments

thumb_salonAll our apartments are fully furnished.

Layout of the apartments

thum_planoAll the buildings are perfectly arranged to take advantage to the maximum sunshine hours, regardless of their location.

Sale of Properties

thumb_logoFrom our website, we offer a sample of the properties that currently manages our company. If you can't find what you are looking for,  please do not hesitate to contact us.